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All my games are available on my page (link here!)

First Person Games, 2020 to ?:

I'm making 3d First Person games now. I'm not sure the shape of them as a whole yet,
but I'm intending to continue in this mode indefinitely. They all have a horror/creepy tilt
so far. A couple short games first up:

Skinja gif 3

2021 2020

Mummy Sandbox logo

Mummy Sandbox gif 17

Mummy Sandbox gif 14

Mummy Sandbox on Steam

Mummy Sandbox is a bizarro Digging Simulator meets Point & Click adventure first
featured on The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021 (play the demo there!)

Sneak peak at the newest of new games, an unrevealed RPG continuing in the
mummy vein. I'll keep you posted!

Scissors gif 4

- The Vengeance Cafe -
(aka Platformer Cycle, 2016 to 2020):

I think of my Platformer games as a sort of Cycle called The Vengeance Cafe,
which is a bar that shows up in several of my games where the characters like to hang out.
The games are listed below, after these gifs:

Mummy gif 01

Project Quinoa gif 10

The Red Mummy and The Meanderthal #1, are my comics-meets-games platformers.
You explore and fight as a mummy and/or a space barbarian and comic panels pop in based on your actions.

2017 2019 2018 2019 2017 2016

That's 6 games in The Vengeance Cafe.

...but there are a couple half-additions: Paralysis Penguin that is Game #10 on
The Haunted PS1 Madvent Calendar 2020 (download here!), a collab I also curated.
The Astro you play is the bartender of The Vengeance Cafe!
I'll put out a standalone version sometime...and maybe a sequel?...

Finally, in the interest of completion, this abusurd animation is the genesis of this entire cycle:
I AM SURTAN (you should turn down your volume!) and Surtan Doom are where the world of these
games comes from: a bad pun.

Glitch Games:

Every now & again I feel like glitching out Battletoads (and other games are in these too, *spoilers!*).
These are my weirdest games for sure. I really enjoy the meta of corrupting old games.
2015 2020